Join us to celebrate the arrival of the quintessential daughter of Bengal, goddess Durga, from the mythical mountains of Kailash. Legend has it that the goddess of power, Durga, is sent amongst us, to fight a mighty battle and defeat the evil forces that thrive to destroy humanity. A roaring lion, the Singha, aptly accompanies the valiant woman, as her pet, and together they put an end to the evil enemy, personified by Mahishashura.​​​
T​​here is a phrase in Bengali, used ubiquitously around Durga Puja celebrations, “Asche Bochor Abar Hobe”, which literally translates to “till the next year”. To appreciate the breadth of its meaning though one needs to travel beyond just an year, or any time frame that could be measured finitely. When we say till next year we actually yearn for an endless cycle of the Daughter coming home, overwhelming our lives with euphoria, leaving us for her other home, creating a void for a few months, and returning again in her splendour and glory.
That’s exactly the spirit with which we started the Edinburgh Durgotsav two years back. We had sowed the seed with a lot of hope, anticipation and zeal. In the last two years, it grew and flourished. Little did we know back then that this will become such a huge success that People from all over Scotland would come and join us in our celebrations. Our festival has become bigger in size, more glamorous and lot more fun. In a few days, as the calendar comes full circle for the Bengalis around the world and the Edinburgh Durga Puja turns three, we will welcome the Daughter yet again, to this spectacular city. The welcome and worship of the Goddess will be accompanied by celebrations soaked in traditions. And of course there will be a potpourri of music, dance and food.
Thanks to all who graced the occasion in the previous years, making it astounding success. As we continue to weave the story of Edinburgh Durgostav, please accept our renewed Invites for this year’s celebrations.

Hope to see you all.

-Edinburgh Durgotsav